Wrongful Convictions and the DNA Evidence That Frees Them

A wonderful and stark infographic highlighting the statistics around wrongful convictions and how DNA evidence can overturn rulings and help free people who were unfairly incarcerated.

From the infographic:
Our legal system, though one of the best in the world,is still deeply flawed, and wrongful convictions – the true number of which will never be known – are one of its most devastating effects. Luckily , science has worked hard to remedy the situation. Using DNA evidence, forensic scientists have been able to clear the names of almost 300 wrongfully convicted people. But this great work is only the beginning.

Though great strides in science and legislation have been made to free and help those who have been wrongly convicted, there is still much work to be done. and the damage these mistakes have done to the lives of its victims can never be quantified or fully repaired.

Not only are wrongful convictions still occurring, but 23 states still do not have compensation statutes for paying back the exonerated after their release.

Reach out to representatives in your area and find out what you can do to help. Visit www.InnocenceProject.org for more information to on how to help.

via: http://www.forensicscience.org/