There are many jobs that have a high risk involved with the work that could potentially lead to death. This infographic from eTraining looks at the jobs with the highest fatality rates and other workplace related fatality data.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design:  B

The design of this infographic has a light background with red to highlight important information throughout. I think this works well because the red really stands out making the information more powerful in the minds of readers. The sections are easy to distinguish with a subtitle clearly labeling the information. The graphs are easy to read and the symbols are labeled to avoid confusion. It was nice to see that the graphs used different shades of red to distinguish the information instead of using colors that did not go with the theme. The only negative is that the two simple colors red and grey make me feel like I am looking at a cell phone ad which might turn some readers away. Overall though, this was a clean and simple design.

Infographic Information: A

The information was interesting to read and surprising as well. I think we always think certain jobs are more risky than others and I know I was surprised to see that Fishers is the top job with high fatal injury rates. The map of the U.S showed that Texas had the most fatal work injuries. I think the graphs did a good job of putting the information into a different format instead of reading a bunch of text. The gender breakdown of fatal work injuries showed that men are way more at risk than women just because men tend to be the ones who are injured. I attribute that to their just be more men doing risker jobs. It was sad to see that assaults and acts of violence are the second highest cause of fatal injuries at work places behind automobile accidents. All of this information was great for anyone who may be looking for a job in one of the areas that are mentioned or anyone who is looking for a safe job.

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