With aging populations, dental care has become more and more complex and costly. Less and less persons are wanting to accept dentures as a restoration of their teeth and dental implants are the ideal solution to replace missing teeth but they are still very expensive.

Patients from USA now go to Costa Rica for their dental implants and patients from UK go to countries like Hungary and Romania where high quality dental care can be found at a much lower price.

The infographic from newdentaire.be shows how and why dental care is cheaper abroad.

As an example, a dentist in Romania will make in average 1200€ monthly whereas a dentist in UK or France can make about 7000€. This explains why the same dental implant can be much cheaper in a country where the wages and taxes are lower.

The price of dental implant is mostly related to price of labor, taxes and operation costs of the clinic. Those are the biggest part of the price, whereas the implant itself only represents 10% to 20% of the total cost.

The manufacturing cost of a dental implant is 30€ to 40€, then it is sold to the dentists for 100€ – 200€ and the cost for the patient is then much higher than that : 750€ in average for the implant alone.