Infographic Marketed Prescriptions

To quote the infographic, “In the United States, drug companies spend an average of $31.4 billion per year on prescription drug marketing and promotions.” Just reading this should give you pause. If advertising and promotion costs are over $31 billion, imagine the total dollar amount in sales of prescription drugs and medicine. When you start thinking about this staggering dollar amount it makes you wonder about our health care system (USA) in general and how reliant we are upon the prescription drug “cartel.” Prescription drugs are indeed big business and I don’t know if I truly believe they are putting the health of their consumers at the top of their priorities list. I believe the health of their finances supersedes the health of the patients. But I digress, on to the infographic…

Sometimes less is more and in this case I think less really is more. The color scheme is kept to the basics of blue and orange. Shades of blue and gray dominate the infographic but without being heavy-handed. The blue color choice is wise as blue speaks to health and medical themes. Orange is a natural choice as a second color as it contrasts well with the blue in the theme and adds a visual punch that calls out certain data and information without being overly flashy. The bar graphs and pie charts are standard fare for infographics and don’t take away from the infographic, but also don’t add much in terms of visual interest. The “people” graphics used are also seen often as the default person representation in a lot of infographics. The typeface used looks to be Helvetica or possibly Arial, but either way it is a safe and bland choice. Easy to read (except when used at a small size), but doesn’t give additional personality to the infographic, which it could use. Finally, the text placed over images could have used more contrast as it is difficult to read, especially the orange colored type.

The data is presented is striking and eye-opening, so I like the topic. The titles are easy to read but I’m not sure what the acronym “DTC” means so some explanation would have been nice. Interesting facts are presented in the Quick Facts section, especially noting that the pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable business in the United States. Sobering facts indeed that point to a populace dependent on prescription medication rather than healthier living.

Design: C+

Nothing is overly bad, but nothing is great either. Safe color, type and graphic choices make this a starter infographic for the beginner. No real big mistakes, but no artistic creativity was pushed either. Solid, if uninspiring effort.

Content B –

The information provided was interesting and made me think about the pharmaceutical industry and its role, positive and negative, in our society. If the data is accurate, it is a little scary. Any time you are made to think, that is a good thing.

Via: Appature and  Appature Nexus