You might recall the graphic about the most dangerous jobs in America we ran awhile back. Well, today, we present to you a graphic about the most violent industries in the United States. The stats in the graphic above are courtesy the BLS, which compiled the data in 2005. I’m glad that there are stats being kept on this. Every American man, women, and child has a right to know what the most violent industries are.

So, first of all, how is violence defined in the graphic? Well, that’s pretty straightforward. This graphic is literally talking about workplace violence–and not violence resulting from accidents, like someone inadvertently being run over by one of those machines  people drive around in at the Price Club.  This graphic means human on human intentional violence. Like someone being shot in a Wal-Mart. Hey, it happens. In fact, it happened just a few days ago, oddly enough.

According to the BLS, violence is defined as a violent act directed at someone on duty in the workplace by either another employee or a visitor, whether they be welcome or unwelcome. I was surprised to find out that the utilities field is the most violent, especially given the definition of violence that the BLS is applying. I guess more people crave attacking someone who is climbing a telephone poll than someone who is baking a cake. Although, the food services industry isn’t too far behind since it clocked in at number two on the list. This I can believe, given the preponderance of sharp objects readily available in a kitchen.  A chef says the wrong thing and–bam! He might turn around to find a cleaver flying at him.

Infographics Scorecard

Design: B-

It’s hard for me to award higher than a B- given the stunning designs we’ve grown accustom to here. I think it was an interesting choice on the part of the designer to make cartoons in the style that he did.  But no one is going to be knocked off their feet by the art of the graphic.

Content: C-

Let’s dig into our box of obvious cliches shall we?  “Where’s the meat?” I can confidently say that this is the sparsest graphic we’ve ever featured on this site. The name of the industry followed by a percentage isn’t going to win many a high mark.

But, to each his own. If you choose to submit a graphic to this site, you should know what you’re getting into. We bite. :)

Graphic supplied by EMSI, Economic Modeling Specialits Inc .