What is keeping you awake at night? Are you not getting the rest you need? This infographic looks at what may be keeping the British awake at night. I am sure that many of the things keeping the British awake are also keeping others around the world awake as well. Visit Wedo Headboards Blog to find more interesting information like this infographic


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

I like the image and title that is used at the top of the infographic. I like that there are different sections to show the different information. The list at the bottom with all the tips is neatly displayed in a clean organized chart. I like that the tips are numbered just to give it some sense of order. I think overall it was a nicely designed infographic.

Infographic Information: B+

I think the information would be good for anyone who has a hard time sleeping because it gives it helpful tips to fall asleep. Many of the tips you may have heard of but there were a few that I had not known. I also think the information about what physical factors were actually keeping people awake is helpful because it allows readers to see what they might need to change in order to get some sleep.

The video version of the Infographic can be found below.

Infographic provided by Wedo Headboards UK.

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