info MASTER 2

Wow, is there a lot of information on this infographic.  Not only is there a lot, but it is printed very, very tiny.  There is too much to go through in one post, and you’ll have to enlarge the image to see the detail, but it is worth it to see all the things that can impact your car insurance premium.

Some Highlights

Wheel/tire in the center branches out into sections like insurance history, coverage levels, gender, age, martial status, location, driving record, make or model of a car, vehicle use and credit history.  I’ll give you one tidbit from each “spoke” to provoke you to read all of them.

Insurance History

Insurers want to know if your previous policy was cancelled for non-payment?  Why?  You have to follow that thread on the graph.

Coverage Levels

Coverage limits and deductibles will affect your monthly rates – inspect the infographic to find out how.


Men have more accidents than women.  But does that mean their insurance premiums are higher?


Some age groups are at higher risk and have to pay higher insurance premiums.

Marital Status

Married people have lower rates.


Where you live, drive and park your car matters.

Driving Record

Drivers with previous violations prove to be higher risks which means their rates will be higher as well.

Make or Model of Your Car

Insurers consider the risk of theft, cost of the car and repairs, and overall safety record when determining rates.

Vehicle Use

The more you drive, the higher your risk, and the higher your rate.

Credit History

Your credit score helps determine your insurance score.

Big Items

Cell phone use while driving is popped out and you’re given a lot of information on that.  Same with speeding.

The Golden Rules

Comparison shop, pay your bills on time, keep your house in shape and drive responsibly.  All these things will help you save money on your car insurance.


Design:  C

TOO MUCH TINY TYPE!  The idea is good, but they could have gotten the idea across in a way that would be easier to read.

Information:  A

This is all the information you need to know not only what affects your car insurance premium, but you can find out intuitively the steps you need to take to fix your insurance score by learning these facts.