This infographic designed by the team at Wedo highlights firstly the link between people’s favorite sleeping positions and their personalities and secondly the impact those sleeping positions can have on their health.


1-   Most Common Sleeping Positions:

Professor Chris Idzikowski, one of Britain’s leading sleep experts, has identified six different positions:

  • “foetus” position: 41% à Sleeping curled up on their side holding on to the pillow.
  • “log” position: 14% à Sleeping on side with legs straight and arms down
  • “yearner” position: 13% à Sleeping on side with legs straight and arms out
  • “starfish” position: 5% à Sleeping on their back with arms and legs out
  • “soldier” position: 8% àSleeping on their back with legs straight and arms by the side
  • “freefaller” position: 7% à Sleeping on their front with head turned and arms up on the pillow
  • Unclassified: 5% à Sleeping in a different position every night.
  • n/a : 7%

2-   Sleeping Position and Personalities

Experts also have discovered a direct link between people’s favourite sleeping positions and their personalities.


  • Are warm and have open hearts
  • Shy and sensitive


  • Relaxed
  • social


  • Open to new things but suspicious and cynical
  • Reserved


  • good listeners
  • easy going
  • reserved


  • quiet and reserved
  • set high standards for themselves


  • confident
  • but respond badly to personal criticism
  • good at makingquick decisions

 3-    Sleeping positions and health

Back positions:  Regarded as the best position. Your back prevents neck and back pain, reduces acid reflux, minimizes wrinkles, and helps maintain perky breasts. However, it is a bad position in terms of snoring.

Side Position: Generally regarded as second best for health.  Sleeping on the side prevents neck and back pain and also reduces snoring.

Stomach positions: Generally regarded as worst for health due to a 90 degree neck angle. However this position is good for digestion as lying down flat means that stomach contents can more readily be worked back up into the mouth.

What does your sleeping position say about you? – An infographic by the team at Wedo

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