Digital Advertising Financial Markets

I have to admit, I was confused by this title.  I was still a little confused looking at the infographic.  I’m just going to break it down just as it is stated on the infographic and all will become clear.

Securities Market Ecosystem

The players that make up the Securities Market Ecosystem are Investors, Investment Management, Stock Brokers, Market Makers, Stock Exchange and Corporations.  Investors are buyers – they are companies and individuals with money.  Investment management provides investment advice and fall into the advisor category.  Stock Brokers are facilitators – they are the people who buy and sell stocks for other people.  Market Makers are part of trading technology.  They facilitate trades between buyers and sellers.  The Stock Exchange is a market – it is where stocks are traded.  Finally, corporations are sellers – they have stocks to sell.

Media Buying Ecosystem

The players that make up the Media Buying Ecosystem are advertisers, ad agencies, trading desks, DSP, ad exchanges, and publishers.  Advertisers are buyers – they have an ad message they need to get out there in order to sell their product or service.  Ad agencies provide media buying recommendations and act as advisors.  Trading desks fall into the facilitator category – they are people who buy and sell media via a DSP.  DSP fall into the trading technology category, they aggregate ad exchanges and data.  Ad exchanges act as markets, enabling the buying and selling of media.  Publishers act as sellers, they have companies with media to sell.


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It’s very attractive, and easy to follow, if you’re lucky enough to understand what they’re talking about.

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Food for thought.

Source:  Pretarget