Game Development Industry conquering the world swallowing more and more young millennials into the role play virtual world, allowing them to become somebody special in the artificially created conditions, making friendship with in-game NPC or other gamers all over the world. Let me introduce this tremendous infographic on how and who created a perfect way for reality avoidance!

This infographic reveals a brief illustrated game industry history. However, it may include the more widened chain of main game industry evolution ‘checkpoints’. By provided information, you can discover how rapidly have the market grown, how much niches were opened by innovation development creation. Owing to the illustrative content provided by our analytical staff you will understand why this business sphere became so popular and attractive for the investors and software development staff.

We also aimed to represent the audience info the most popular development approaches: engines and platforms.

We need to mention that we made a focus on mobile game development analysis details, as the goal was to represent its growth tendency.

Considering all the information provided, the game development industry is working on more other niches amplification, like educational, as it engages students to choose a ‘web developer’ as a future profession and professors to creating new progressive and modern educational programs on the appropriate subjects. It affects the innovation market and intellectual property, creating improved patent registration conditions and additional rules for copyrights. It is really exciting to be a witness to ray-tracing technology integration in video games aiming to improve graphics quality. And we sincerely believe that in the following infographics we will mention this technology too.

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