Here is a organized statistical look at the 10 most popular pets in the United States, and the estimated price range of each. Rank is based on an estimated percent of households owning each animal, not on animal population. (Cats outnumber dogs, but since cat owners often have two cats or more, cat households remain in second place.

I wish this pet infographic had some color, but that may be just because I’m used to seeing so much (too much?) color in most of the infographics I critique. But it does relate a lot of information very efficiently and makes it quick to grasp and, at least to me, was something of interest. I own a fish and dog and have owned cats, ferrets and turtles. So pets are of interest to me. So, while this won’t win any design awards, it does its job without any fanfare and imparts a little trivia into our lives without assaulting your visual senses.

Top 10 Pets Infographic