We all have our favorite apps that we cannot live without but do we have ones for when we are traveling. When we travel on vacation we tend to use less technology but with new apps that help make your vacation better you may want to keep the phone turned on. Check out the top travel apps in this infographic.

Infographic Review


Infographic Design: A

The design for this infographic is great and the colors and images really work well with the topic. I like that it is cartoon images instead of real photographs because it gives the infographic a fun look. I really like that each section is clearly identified and labeled with numbers that count up the top ten apps. I appreciate that the titles for the apps are big and clear for the reader.  A couple of things that could have been improved on would be the size of the text. I found it hard to read some of the text because it was so small. The plus is that I didn’t need to read the small text to know what the app was about thanks to the titles and images. Overall a nice infographic that really is a helpful list of the best travel apps.


Infographic Information: B+

The information is helpful and great for tech savvy travelers who may want to download these apps for their phones. It is also great for the everyday app user who would want to use their phones more while traveling. Each app has the benefits listed and even has the price so that readers will know what to expect with each app. The information is enough to give an idea of what each app does and so the reader can determine if they really do need that app. I personally have never used any of the apps but I look forward to using them on my next trip. This was a nice list and a great tool for travelers.

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