It is a tough job to be a casino dealer, you explain and enforce the rules and wagering guidelines, ask players to place their bets and make sure that you give payoffs to the winners correctly.

There are a lot of variables for earning in the casino industry like shifting schedules and holidays. Casinos may not be getting as much numbers of patrons as they get before with developments like online gaming.

Online casino games being offered are just similar when you visit a real casino, you can play poker, blackjack and slot machines. You can also try the online version of roulette at

Many of us did not know that casino dealers are only earning about $25,000 per year. And a great portion of their earnings are from tips. Casino dealers are only expecting tips when you win and I think that it wouldn’t really hurt to share a small amount of the total amount that you wager with them.

Players who may want to avoid tipping can go to Australia or try a new game online by visiting for video poker.