See all there is to do in Florida: family adventures, ladies getaway, romantic retreat, guy time, or fun for the kids.


This cute little infographic gives us the highlights of some of the fun things there are to do in Florida.  There is a different little box for each type of trip you can take to Florida, along with a main recommendation and some other recommendations that are listed, not described like the main recommendation.  As for visuals, there are cartoon clouds, and palm trees, and straw hats, and fishies, and cruise ships and coconuts with drinks and little umbrellas in them….I WANT TO GO TO FLORIDA!  But I digress…

Family Adventures

The main recommendation for a family adventure in Florida is the Florida EcoSafari at Forever Florida.  You can go to this 4700 acre wildlife conservation area that is totally eco-friendly and tour the place via coach, horseback, zipline, or SkyCycle.  I don’t know what a SkyCycle is, but boy, do I want to find out.  They also suggest you check out the St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum, among other places.

Ladies Getaway

For the ladies that love shopping, the main recommendation is The Florida Mall.  It has 250 stores, 30 restaurants, and is a “total shopping experience.”  To me it sounds like a “total nightmare,” but then, it is a trip for the ladies.  Do all ladies like shopping?  Other suggestions include the sandy beaches of Florida, Renninger’s Antique Center in Mount Dora, and more.

Romantic Retreat

The main suggestion is Ybor City, the Latin District and home of the Columbia Restaurant, a hot spot that has been around since 1905.  Other suggestions include some beachfront tikki bars, a Bahamas day cruise, and others.

Guy Time

Shell Island Fish Camp is the main recommendation for this section.  There are boat rentals, bait shops, and it is one of the last full service fish camps in the southeast of the U.S.  Other recommendations include an Offshore Sailing School and the Sarasota Classic Car Museum, among others.

Fun for the Kids

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium is the featured recommendation, while FLY Indoor Skydiving is another, among others.

Design:  B-

The graphics are cute, but the type is a little small for the infographic to be easily read.  There is too much wasted space.

Information:  B

While the infographic only promises ideas for things to do in Florida, the activities presented are literally all around Florida, so if one was planning a trip, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to hit all of the recommendations in the same trip.  More localized information would be nice -or the same information broken out not only by the type of fun it provides, but also what area of Florida it’s in.