Gambling is a popular activity and it is not one that is new. People around the world having been gambling it seems since the beginning of time. This infographic takes a look at the top gambling nations and you might be surprised who is at the top.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design:  D

I think that the top image and title are perfect and grab my attention when I first look at the infographic. With that being said, that is the only thing that grabs my attention because the rest of the infographic is in a boring black and white. I took the time to read the infographic so I understand that it has some good information to offer but if I was just clicking onto it I would have already clicked away because it has no color and it looks like just a bunch of numbers.  I appreciate that there are sections that show the comparisons of the countries but each section is the same showing the same black circles and the numbers and names change. I am sorry but this design is poor and had there been color added with a few images to break up the numbers this infographic could have looked a lot better.


Infographic Information: C+

Since I did take the time to read the information I can see that it has some interesting comparisons.  I was surprised to see that Australia was the top gambling nation.  The different comparisons of minimum wage and loses to education costs and losses were interesting to read but to be honest the information bored me. This infographic started off great by showing the top gambling nations in listed order but it went downhill after that. I would have talked about each countries gambling history and offered reasons as to why each country was on the list and showed some fun facts about gambling in these countries. This was a good try at a good topic but not a lot of effort was put into making this a great infographic.

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