Email is everything to us. Our research shows that it means a lot to IT managers and end users, too. It helps them to share, collaborate and search for information. But it also burns time, causes problems and costs money.

The shape of email is a starting point in helping us understand the quality of information residing in the inboxes of email users across the world. Through the research we can see indications of what influences the value of an inbox, the impact of email behavior on end user productivity and how new channels, such as social media, are impacting the way we use email. It’s an information tool for IT professionals and email fanatics alike.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: A

The design of this infographic is fun.  I enjoyed moving through the facts following the arrows.

Infographic Information:A

I found the information very interesting.  I had no idea we spent so much time checking and writing emails.

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