What a fun and creative graphic we have here! This infographic, created by allareacodes.com, provides a humorous look at the seven main types of iphone owners. So, who are they? This well-polished graphic breaks it down for you:

The Fanboy:  You know what’s funny? There are 70 million iphone users and, yet, only a small handful are true-blue fan boys and girls. These are the perpetually loyal people who endorse every Apple decision, cling to Steve Job’s every word, and wake up at 3 am in the morning to go stand in line (correction: camp in line) at the Apple store on the day of a new product launch.

The Unappreciative: The graphic portrays this figure as a young woman who doesn’t understand the vast power of the iphone. She doesn’t have a case, has never bought an app, wouldn’t touch one of these things with a ten foot pole, and thinks the screen on the phone is too big. Basically, this person should never have bought an iphone in the first place, and if you ask an Apple fanboy, doesn’t deserve to own one.

The Over-User: The over-user is that person on line at a drug store typing away on his phone instead of noticing that it’s his turn to approach the counter. Or he’s that guy sitting in his car who didn’t notice that the light had changed because he was playing with an app on his phone. And we know what happens to people don’t notice that lights change don’t we? Bad things. Awful things really, if the lyrics in The Beatles’ “A Day in the Life” are any indication. Don’t be an overuser. Horrid things may happen to you.

The Desk Job: The graphic portrays this character as the quintessential yuppie who, like the “The Unappreciative,” probably shouldn’t own an iphone in the first place. They only use it as a glorified mp3 player at the gym or when they’re jogging through a public park. You see, the “Desk Job” only owns an iphone so he can show it off to people.

The Hacker: This person can start their car, turn on their microwave, and make jets take off and fly to France and back all with a few strokes of their iphone keypad. To script kitties, this person is a demagogue.

The Senior Citizen: Gramps got a phone. And he doesn’t know how to use it. And he won’t stop asking you (or anyone nearby) questions about it. Oh, and when you’re not looking, Grandpa somehow figures out how to jailbreak it.

The Complainer: You know those personality types who are only happy when they’re unhappy? Well, these people exist in every walk of life. They moan and moan about the iphone for hours and how they’re getting rid, then break down and buy the next iphone anyway.

Well, there you have them. Now, let’s move on to the grading segment.

Design: A-

The design is intriguing and pulls you in. It’s not the most visually impressive thing I’ve ever seen in my life, and it doesn’t have to be. The designers made this graphic work very well.

Content: A

I had a great laugh while I was reading this. The characterizations are oh-so-true and make you chortle up a storm.

Overall, one of the grandest graphics we’ve ever featured here at the Showcase.