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This infographic addresses Meet & Greet Airport Parking.  Let’s get right into the facts.

Who Uses Meet & Greet Airport Parking?

Marital status:  54% married, 35% single, and 10% partner.

Age range:  9% are 30 & under, 12% are 30-39 years old, 31% are 40-49 years old, 34% are 50-59 years old, and 13% are 60 and over.

Average annual income:  48% make over £50,000 annually.

Why is Meet & Greet Airport Parking Used?

66% of travelers claimed to have saved over an hour of travel time using Meet & Greet Parking, and 32% say they’ve saved 2 hours or more.  Of the travelers surveyed, 65% were traveling for leisure, 34% for business and 1% were traveling for “other.”  67% of travelers say it is very important to save time when traveling.

Safety and Security in Meet & Greet Parking

The Park Mark is a safety award car parks can achieve to show they’ve been vetted by the Police and that they provide a safe place to park.  94% of travelers say a Park Mark award is important to them.  The UK has over 4600 Park Mark car parks.

Why is Meet & Greet Parking Being Used?

Convenience, price, to avoid the bus, good service, good value, and other reasons.  Overall it’s a combination of price, service and convenience.


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