Gambling can be fun and exciting but what is it about gambling they we as humans enjoy so much? This infographic takes a look at what in our brain might be affecting how we gamble.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design:  A

I feel like the design of this is from a fun kids science television show.  I like the background and the giant picture of the brain with the different facts sticking out around it. The best way to get people to read an infographic is to make it grab their attention and I feel that the design of this infographic does that. Gambling can be fun if it is done in a controlled way so to make the infographic fun and bright gives the reader that same feeling.

Infographic Information: B

The information was interesting I know that I have never really thought about how the brain relates to certain activities. It makes sense that our brain does affect the way we gamble because of things that give us that feeling of pleasure that releases dopamine into our brain. All of the facts about gambling at the bottom were nice too and were fun to read. Overall though I would have preferred a little more information regarding the brain and gambling but this does give some good basic information.

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