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Every so often it’s a good idea to take a break from our more serious fare and showcase some infographics from the lighter side of town. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to do exactly what Biff Tannen did in the film Back the Future 2?  I suppose a better question is, if you had a time machine, would you grab a sports almanac and  go back in time to make yourself rich? Kind of an odd premise really. I mean, wouldn’t it be just as easy to go back in time without a sports book and make yourself rich by playing the stock market.  It would be less suspicious then placing a thousand sports bets in a month and getting all one thousand of them correct.  I have to imagine that if what happened in Back to the Future happened in reality, people would immediately assume  that games were being thrown.  They wouldn’t just throw their hands up and go, “This is amazing! This Biff Tannen guy is a genius! And he’s one of the most powerful people on the planet now! Yay!”

If I were to nitpick the plan presented in this graphic, I would point out that, in the movies, Doc Brown always had a stash of the money from the era that he and Marty were time-traveling to. So, the scenario presented in this graphic, where said person is punched by a 1950’s bookie for having what looks like play-money, would not occur if said person dipped into the Doc’s stash beforehand.  In all honesty, the get-rich-with-a-sports-almanac-plan works best the way that Biff did it in the movie.  You don’t go back in time with the book and try to get rich yourself.  You give the the book to a younger version of yourself and tell him to get rich. This plan is the most logical..uh…I think.

Just because this graphic is comical doesn’t make it immune from the grading portion.

Design: A

Great job by the artist. This graphic is well-made and holds your attention all the way through.

Content: A-

Funny moments, and overall, an outstanding concept.  Although I might be biased toward the content as an 80’s movie buff. I would have given it an A without the minus, but I was sort of waiting for that one hilarious punchline that was going to make me spit my prune juice out.  Never happened.

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