Cycling is a way for many people to exercise and enjoy the outdoors but their safety has become a major concern on roads. It seems that drivers in cars do not want to share the road with cyclists so this infographic explains the pros and cons of cycling.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B+

The infographic stands out to me visually for a few reasons. The first is the background that is a purple that stands out against the white border. Another thing that I like is the use of the images which fit with the information and bring the facts to life. The colors all go well together and overall the design is great.


Infographic Information: B

The information I found to be interesting especially as someone who does not cycle I could not believe the statistics on accidents. I know that this a problem but I had never really thought about it. It looks like this is something that really needs to be looked at. I was surprised to see so many benefits of cycling which do out weight the risks so of course it is always better to get outside on your bike than to stay in on the sofa. I thought the information was useful and eye-opening.

Infographic Provided by Osbornes Solicitors LLP

As the debate surrounding ‘strict liability’ continues, we’re still no closer to making the accident claims process easier for injured cyclists and rebalancing the system in favour of the vulnerable party. Osbornes Solicitors LLP put together this infographic to put the highs and lows of cycling in the spotlight.

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