You may remember the graphic we ran about the dangers of driving down a highway at 65 miles per hour with one hand on the radio and the other hand on the keypad of a smartphone. Texting while driving can indeed be hazardous. Today, Autonetinsurance.co.uk presents to you a more over-arching graphic about the hazards of driving in general.

If the purpose of the graphic is to suddenly make you feel less safe about driving, then it’s done its job. Not that a graphic like this would deter anyone from taking a car somewhere instead of a train or plane (people seem to prioritize cost over safety when they travel as a rule), but the infographic might make you think twice about whether or not you should make that illegal u-turn the next time the situation presents itself.

2,538 people die a year as a result of automobile accidents in the U.K. The graphic compares your odds of being killed in a car with your odds of being killed in other situations. In Britain, the odds of being killed in a car are 1 in 200 and in 1 in 65,000 in train. Frankly, I was surprised that the odds of being killed in a train crash were even as high as they are.  You would think, by now, any and all train accidents would be minimized the point where they basically no longer exist. But I suppose it only takes one person at a train station to make a mistake, causing a train to flip off the rails or the like.

Here’s a funny stat about winning the lottery: you are more likely to die during your car ride to buy a ticket then you are to actually win the lottery. So, hopefully that will deter you from throwing your money away at a lottery station. The graphic points out that men account for 76 percent of all auto accidents and examines the other components that play a role: components like speed (yes, shockingly speed impacts your likelihood to get into a car accident), alcohol, time, month,  age, and whether you are using a mobile device (that last one is a shocker I’m sure as well. Road death is also very expensive. The cost of a single road death in the U.K. economy is 1.79 million! No wonder the country is mired in debt.

Design: B+

Let’s toot this graphic’s horn a bit. A very strong graphic–very strong graphic indeed. The combination of images and charts are rock-solid. The only reason we haven’t awarded this graphic an A is because, frankly, we’ve seen so many high-end infographics, that we’ve become desensitized to them.

Content: A-

The content here within in fantastic. It is to the point and fascinating. Far too often graphic creators take interesting stats and present them in boring ways. The creator of this graphic really “gets it” from a content standpoint.