Summer is here which means most of us will be ready to go on vacations or holiday. It’s no surprise that many people spend way more money than they planned to on vacation. This infographic shows how we might be spending too much on our vacations.

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B+

I really enjoyed the design of this infographic and appreciate that it was done in a fun way. I think that the background looked nice and the color looked like sand which makes sense with the topic of vacations. The layout was nice and easy to follow. All of the images used related to the topic and were appropriate with the theme. The colors that were used for the text made me think of summer which is great that even the text color can relate to the topic. I liked how all of the percentages and numbers were big and in red to emphasize them. In the “Top Ten” section it was nice to see images used instead of words. Not every reason needed to have words to explain. We know what a bottle is so we understand that drinks are a reason vacationers overspend. All of the images looked great in that section and the red background made the section stand out. Overall a very nice infographic to look at and read.

Infographic Information: B-

The information on the infographic is not surprising because I know that when I go on vacation I spend way more that I had planned. I thought that it was funny that many people borrow money from others they are traveling with to pay for things. The average amount that is saved for a vacation is a little low. I would think that if you were planning a holiday for a week you would want to save up a little more than $620. The reasons why vacationers overspend were not surprising but it is interesting to compare what you spend money on to what they have listed. I know that one way I save money is to not buy gifts for people at home. I find this to be a waste of money for me. I do think that this infographic should have included a little section on how to save money on vacation or how to save for a vacation. Some of this information would be really helpful to readers. As of right now the infographic just says there is a problem but doesn’t show how to fix it.

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