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Infographic Design: B

This infographic was able to bring the feel of theater into a single design.The colors used in the Wicked section were a perfect choice that fit well with the subject. The charts that were used to show the costs of the show were ones that have already been done. It would have been nice to see something a little more creative to show these costs especially when discussing such a creative topic. The top image and header was a great way to grab viewers attention and the drawn back curtain down the side was a nice addition. The chart showing the wages of those who work in the musical theater business was great because it showed an image for each of the different jobs represented. .  The stars that were used to show the wages per week on Broadway were nicely done and helped to visually show the difference in wages from a leading role to a featured part. The images of the kitchen appliances helped viewers to visualize running their appliances continuously for thousands of years. Overall a very good infographic that grabs viewer’s attention and keeps them reading.

Infographic Information: A

I am not familiar with the stats for the musical theater industry but they all seem to make sense. It is no secret that is costs millions to put on a musical production. The amount of money that was invested into Wicked and to see how much they have grossed is amazing. It was interesting to see the breakdown of the costs that go along with a musical. I was surprised to see that 17% of the investment goes toward insurance and transportation. I am not surprised to see that marketing is where most of the money goes because that is extremely important to the success of the show. The data on other musicals was helpful when comparing just how well Wicked really did. I found in interesting that Cirque du Soleil has never had a show fail where as many shows on Broadway do not make it. The wages section was informative because it showed how much each different profession in the industry make. The data on the CO2 emissions was interesting to find out.Who knew that the musical theater industry accounted for so much CO2 emissions? It was nice to hear that in 2009 most of all sets were recycled and now many shows have cut back on their CO2 emissions. All the information was interesting and informative.

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