Gold has always been associated with wealth and money but now that most countries are using paper currency gold is not heard much about. This infographic suggests that demand for gold is rising.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design:  C

The Infographic looks very clean and well organized which is helpful for the reader to follow. The reasons that demand for gold is rising are numbered and bolded which will stand out to readers. The background color is a little dull and the color makes the infographic look very dated. The title is small and long which does not grab the attention of the readers.  All of the graphs look the same and are hard to read. I appreciate that the infographic was well organized but the colors and theme are just too dull to overlook.


Infographic Information: B

I think the information did show reasons why gold is in demand again and the reasons that listed made sense. I believe that the graphs were meant to add to the infographic but instead I feel they make the infographic look like a lot of formal information that may turn readers off. It is always nice to make a point with a graph but if you over use them it can hurt you. I will say that the information does make sense with the title and it does give the reader a better understanding of why gold is in such demand.

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