You don’t need to be devious to conceal your sex toys from houseguests effectively. In fact, I think it’s just good manners to avoid situations that could embarrass you or your friends, coworkers, and neighbors when they visit your home. Trust us, it’s just as embarrassing to FIND someone’s poorly-hidden sex toys as it is to have your own sex toys discovered by accident.

With a bit of imagination and creative thinking, anybody can create secret hiding places for sex toys in their room—whether you live with roommates or with family. The peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve stashed your sex toys in a place that no-one can find them is priceless.

Anyone can master the art of storing adult toys discreetly, and this infographic from Fresh Materials will go over a few tried-and-true strategies for hiding your favorite Fleshlights, vibrators, and prostate massagers from public view.

Get tips and suggestions on ways of re-using old boxes, bags, and totes as diy sex toy containers, and advice on how to successfully use decoys, distractions, and camouflage to hide your sex toys in plain sight.

This infographic is part of our comprehensive tutorial guide on ways to securely store male and female sex toys in different parts of the home, including your bedroom and closet, as well as how to address the common problem of Fleshlights drying slowly.