While some people are still questioning the existence of dragons, others firmly believe they used to roam the sky sometimes in the past and protect people who had the special abilities required to train them and keep them near. If you like fantasy stories and you’d like to play a dragon-themed slot, you surely searched for this kind of games on Google and saw that the results are not always the ones you expect. More than that, while you search for the word ‘dragon’ on the internet, you might find some slots that feature a different type of dragon than you wanted.

These mystical creatures fall into different categories, with different characteristics, so knowing what kind of a dragon your slot includes is very important. In the list below, you will find the best dragon-themed slot machines, along with a short description for each one of them, so you’ll play exactly the game you were looking for and you’ll know it will offer you a great overall experience. by ZZZslots.com