We often think of mobile’s role in commerce as simply allowing the consumer to do research in the store and make their purchases elsewhere, the dreaded “showrooming” effect. Increasingly, though, shoppers are using their smartphones to actually purchase items, replacing their credit cards and wallets entirely. This infographic from Merchant Warehouse examines the various benefits of mCommerce for consumers—and why businesses owners are beginning to encourage in-store mobile commerce.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: A

If you have been reading my reviews you know that a good title is important to me and this infographic has a nice title. It is large and clearly states what the information will be about. I like the retro colors that are used throughout the infographic. The neutral background helps to highlight the bright colored information making sure the reader catches every word.

Infographic Information: A+

I have not yet experienced all of the features mentioned above but they seem to make perfect sense and I am sure that once I find a store using these I will be taking part as well. The idea that I can pay for something in the store without waiting in line at the register is awesome. I also love the idea that merchants can now scan phones to give customers discounts. I have seen this done when I have had a coupon from an app on my phone. I think this information just shows how much technology is changing every aspect of our lives and I personally cannot wait to see what else is to come.

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