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Infographic on Exhibit Design

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We asked 10 designers and exhibit-industry experts to share their insights and advice about effective trade show exhibit design.

  1. “The architecture and client experience need to be appropriate and engaging.  A cool looking but empty exhibit is mediocre.”  –Rob Majerowski, vice president of creative, MG Design Associates Corp.
  2. “When designing and exhibit, remember: Form follows function.”  –Freddie Georges, president and CEO, Freddie Georges Production Group
  3. “If I took away the logo and product, could the design be used for another company?  If so, the design isn’t good enough yet.”  –Charlie McMillan, president, McMillan Group Inc.
  4. “Good exhibit design creates a memorable experience that begets brand ambassadors who will organically spread the brand message beyond the show floor.”  –Eli B’sheart, vice president, EWI Worldwide
  5. “Great exhibit design will affect viewers within seconds and embed itself in attendees’ minds.”  –Nico Ueberholz, principal, Ueberholz GmbH
  6. “Exhibit design is about simplifying the architecture and allowing the audience to focus on key areas that convey the exhibitor’s brand message.”  — Marisa Pacheco, senior graphic designer and marketing coordinator, Hill & Partners Inc.
  7. “Design your exhibit like and advertisement.  After all, it has to do the same thing as an ad:  Stop traffic.”  –Guy Wrench, managing director and product designer, Shell-Clad Ltd.
  8. “No matter the budget or the size of the booth, creativity should never be spared.”  –Claire Albertson, marketing coordinator, RES Exhibit Services
  9. “If the exhibit doesn’t work as a tool to put the brand forward, it has failed and will not lead to ROI.  Remember, the exhibit is the only one tool used at an exhibition or conference.”  –Sean Roberts, executive vice president of strategic global growth, Standingstonez
  10.   “An exhibit should be a home away from home.  Your customers will feel at ease and will want to stick around longer.”  –Laurie Ashley, principal, marketing services, L. Ashley Strategy Inc.

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