The Stryker hip recall lawyers have put together this information on the complications of metal on metal hip implants and the recall that has been issued. Most people tend to ignore recalls but this is a health related recall that could seriously injure you. If you have had hip implants then please be sure to read this information. This infographicshould be shared and given to those in your family who may be affected by the recall.

Metal on Metal Hip implant Complications

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: A

I am very impressed with the design of this infographic. I was expecting it to be a little dull but it actually works well. It has good images and text that help explain the topic.

Infographic Information: A

This is a serious topic and I appreciate the use of text and how detailed everything is. This is good information for whomever this recall will affect.

Courtesy of: Stryker Hip FAQ

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