Disruptive innovation describes a new product (e.g., technology) or service that is a newcomer in a market, often starting at the bottom and then relentlessly moving upmarket, eventually replacing established competitors. This is occurring in the hotel industry (think AirBnB), the music industry (think Pandora and Spotify), the publishing industry (think Amazon and self-publishing), and the transportation industry (think Uber and Lyft).It is also occurring in the adult learning arena as training and education inexorably shift from the on-site meeting room to the online portal, or somewhere in-between. Organizations have two options: Get serious about eLearning to grow membership, revenue and reputation; or be extremely cautious and tentative, like the music, publishing and taxi industries, and find yourself left behind as your customers move on. At Scitent, we’ve developed a road map to eLearning success to prevent you from being left behind.

Embrace eLearning Infographic-Final