STD statistics

Thankfully this is one subject I personally know very little about; at least from my own experience. Being married for 22 years, for all its downfalls, will give you a better sense of security knowing you probably don’t have any sexually transmitted diseases. Although part of the reason for that is that you are only having sex with one person (your spouse, I would hope), but if you are married then you probably aren’t having that much sex in any case, but I digress…

If you are sexually active or thinking about becoming sexually active then this infographic about STDs should give you a scare. In fact, it should give you pause to consider celibacy, but knowing our current culture of sex and using sex to sell everything, I have little hope for that. So read the STD statistics and consider the dangers you are about to get in bed with, both figuratively and literally.

The sexually transmitted diseases statistics and data that are provided are interesting and diverse. For instance, I know to stay the hell out of Mississippi if I’m interested in sowing my seed or getting a loose reputation. Chlamydia rates are the highest in that state and overall higher in the South than the rest of the United States. Want to make your sexual claim with less risk? Head to New Hampshire where Chlamydia is less likely to stake a claim in your southern regions.

Want to travel abroad (no pun intended), be even more careful, HIV cases in Eastern Europe are growing at a faster rate (3X) than in the rest of Europe. Must be the water.

Feeling safe because you can have your Gonorrhea treated? Not so fast my promiscuous friend. Gonorrhea is building a drug resistance according to the infographic’s data.

Other depressing facts are pointed out such as the rate for contracting HIV is 8 times higher for women than men in Africa and even more disturbing is the fact that 5.6 million South Africans are living with HIV in 2009.

While all of the STD statistics are sobering, the most eye-popping is the fact that over 1 million people are infected with an STD every day. Holy Chastity Belts! That’s a lot of diseases being transmitted sexually.

Luckily we have this well-designed infographic to help us digest this horrible information. A orange and turquoise color palette work well together and the images, while not extremely unique, accent the infographic design nicely. The typefaces are mixed well, using a sans serif and slab serif for easy readability. If anything is wrong it might be the playful nature of the design. Such a sensitive and serious topic as sexually transmitted diseases may deserve a less “colorful” design. A small complaint though for a design job that is above most infographics I review.

Design: B

Thoughtful process to the design and careful choices with color and imagery make this a winner.

Information: A

Nice collection of statistics about a subject we would probably like to hear about less: STDs.

STD infographic provided by STD Testing.