stardoll infographic

Doing infographic reviews is never dull, but sometimes I am a little more challenged than usual. Such was the case when asked to do a review for an infographic about, the world’s largest online fashion and games community for girls! I didn’t add the exclamation point, that is their tagline on their site. So my challenge is that I’m an adult male without a daughter young enough to be a part of this online community, so I have very little in common with the information in this infographic. But then again I don’t have a lot in common with surrealist artist Salvador Dali’s artwork either, but I sat through an art auction and watched in horror as my wife bought a woodcut print for $365 named Purgatory 15 – Envy. Email me if you are interested in buying it, but I digress…

Infographics have really taken off, which is one of the reasons I started this site, and their uses have been focused on the marketing game which works especially well for internet marketing. No printing costs and fast distribution across the web make the infographic a great vehicle. And what better way to market a site aimed at young girls? After all, Stardoll is the largest online community for girls who love fashion, making friends, shopping, decorating and being creative! Again, their words, not mine. ;-) But this infographic’s info supports that boast and follows the site’s look and feel very well.

Bright purples and happy, sparkling starbursts provide a striking background for this charming infographic targeted to their younger female audience. Only problem is there isn’t a lot of information here and it focuses solely on Stardoll’s site growth. A few facts about Stardoll would have been welcome. Provide us some information about the site’s functionality. Why is it so popular? If you are going to use this infographic to tout your site’s growth, give us a few reasons why it has grown so popular. Seems like a marketing opportunity slipped passed when this was being written. The stats provided are very basic and the graphics are simple as well. Some quality fashion illustrations are included to support the items sold in the “starplaza” but other than that, even the graphics are sparse.

This could have been a fun graphic, but instead it feels rushed, both lite on information and design. Even my review is lite, because there just isn’t that much to review. Maybe when they reach 200 million another more detailed infographic will follow.

This infographic left me in a purple haze, when i wanted to be in the purple rain.

Design: C+

Love the fact that the infographic followed the site’s design lead but wasn’t wow’ed by anything that was done.

Information: C

Too few facts and nothing about the site, or company itself. If you are promoting how popular it is, tell us why.

Stardoll Infographic provided by Stardoll, please visit for more information.