The hot button topic of global warming, shines its face upon the upcoming world of infographics. And it makes a warm and wonderful splash. Everyone always asks what can we do to stop or slow global warming and this infographic steps up and delivers dozens of graphically illustrated solutions to the global warming problem.

Global Warming Infographic

It is a fun and child-like graphic tackling a very serious issue. I love the fact that it looks like a child’s doodle or a placement in a roadside diner. Very unassuming yet the subject matter is deadly important. What a great juxtaposition of image and message. This infographic almost makes fixing the problems that cause global warming a game to be played. Nicely executed, not overbearing and has a message we should see and understand. And what better format than a simple child’s drawing.

You can see more creative infographics like this at All of their graphics have a very simple ring of truth and an Eco-friendly feel.

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