The story of Snow White has been around for years and it is still famous today with two new movies out this year. So what is it about the story that everyone loves? Is it the magic, the evil queen, the beautiful girl, the prince, the animals? Or is it the fascination with the evil queen who wants a pretty young girl dead just because she is beautiful. Well whatever it is that people love it is no surprise that many like Snow White. Decide for yourself who really is the fairest of them all.

Infographic Review


Infographic Design: A

This is infographic is like a work of art. I thought this was a poster for a new movie because it looked so good. The characters are well drawn are distinct for everyone to tell apart. The labels are not needed to see which character is which. I like how The Evil Queen is drawn with her back to us and is looking over her shoulder in disgust while Snow White stands boldly facing forward with her head held high. While they are both beautiful women their personalities come out in the picture. I also like the test and colors used to describe each character. This also matched their personalities and added to the overall appeal.  I think that the title and image at the top work well with the design and the colors of the flowers give this infographic a pretty opening.


Infographic Information: B

The information on the infographic is good but there isn’t much there. I feel like it is very basic facts about each character and it would have been nice to see more background information. I did like how each fact relates to one on the other character as a way to show the parallels.  I can’t really talk much about the information just because there really isn’t that much on this infographic. I did think that the little paragraph at the top did a good job of summarizing the story so that readers who may not know the story could follow along. Overall a nice infographic but it could have used a little more information with about each character to really be interesting.

Via: Halloween Express

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