This is a very straightforward infographic in honor of Valentine’s Day, which falls on the 14th of February every year.  Rather than making up a lot of extra information and doing a bunch of subheadings, I’m just going to list them out for you – the 14 signs he’s into you.  Check off the items on this list and you know your man’s all about you.

1. He calls just to say hi.

2. He invites you to share important events.  (why is there a skinny dipping sign next to this one?  since when is skinny dipping an important event?)

3. He’s willing to watch chick flicks.

4. He’s REALLY close with your family.  (truthfully, we don’t want him to be THAT close)

5. He’ll hang out with you on Football Sunday.

6. He likes to buy you nice clothing.

7. He regularly touches you.

8. He doesn’t get (too) drunk on a night out with you.

9. He listens to you vent.

10. He knows your friends’ names and nicknames – even the embarrassing ones! (why?)

11. He picks you up when you’re feeling down.

12. He notices when you get a trim.

13. He spends a lot of quality time on the phone with you.

14. He throws out pictures of old girlfriends.


Design:  B

It is what it is, and it looks OK.

Information:  N/A

It’s impossible to give out grades when it comes to love advice.  Odds are, if a guy does all this stuff, he’s into you, but does “into you” mean true love?  Who knows?

Source: Signs he’s into you by My Safety Sign