Sometimes it can be easy to overlook the dangers of unprotected sex when we are bombarded with images on television and movies that tell us sex is free and fun and safe for all. Well, that’s Hollywood and fantasy. The truth is that sex and be dangerous and life-threatening if you aren’t careful.

Why You’re an STD Risk infographic does a good job at giving this sobering information in a fun to read and easy to digest format. But don’t let the cute pictures of viruses fool you, these sexually transmitted diseases are seriously bad for your health and your love life.

Before examine your sex life, take a look at the different topics covered here: Top Risk Factors for Acquiring an STD, What Diseases are out there, Most Common STDs in Men, Most Common STDs for Women, Most Common STDS through Non-sexual Contact, Top 5 Countries with the highest rate of STD (Congrats, India!) and some other facts about STDs, such as one in four new STD infections occur in teenagers. Keep it in your pants, young folks!

Via: Health Testing Centers