A green infographic that shows you how recycling your moving boxes can help the environment and save some trees too.

Infographic Scorecard

Infographic Design: B+

We see quite a few recycle infographics at Infographics Showcase, so they are quite plentiful. But they aren’t usually as well designed as this infographic. Of course you see earth tones being used and that makes sense but the color palette in general is a success. The clever use of trees as subtle backgrounds and transition elements also work nicely. The images used are slightly disjointed and appear to be pulled from multiple clip art sources. I would have enjoyed seeing a bit more continuity in the images chosen, but that is a small gripe. The outlined text is slightly hard to read but that is probably more preference than criticism. This is a great effort and a good message.

Infographic Information: A

The information on recycling is the standard fare of most recycling infographics. Comparisons of moving boxes to trees being used are interesting and how much natural resources are needed for moving is a clever bit of information for saving the earth. A lifetime of moving is shown in the number of trucks compared to years which is cute, but the real information is found by showing you how much you can save by recycling your moving boxes over this time. Which really adds up. They even provide a recycling center resource at Recycling your moving boxes is a good move!

From: Recycle Moving Boxes