Families around the UK feel financially strained as unemployment and the rising costs of living continue to take a toll. According to the Office for National Statistics, the UK unemployment rate was 8.4% in the last quarter – the highest since 1995. Statistics show that young people are suffering the most, with more than one in five without job. This takes the unemployment rate between16-24 year-olds to 22.2%. Food prices i Britain are also rising at three time the rate of the world’s biggest seven economies. Figures from the OECD puts the food inflation rate at 6.3% compared to an average 2.% for the G7 group on nations – France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United States and Canada.

When the recession hit in 2008, it sent the nation spiraling into financial chaos.

With unemployment currently standing at 8.4% – the highest it’s been since 1995 – and inflation sky-rocketing everyday essentials, families are worried that the economy is driving them deeper into debt.

Prices at the pumps are at an all-time high and food inflation has risen to 6.3%. That’s three times the rate of the world’s seven biggest economies, bringing the average weekly household expenditure to £473.60.

As salaries stay the same and families work hard to meet everyday living costs, disposable incomes have dipped for the fifth year running. As a result, many people have sought help through Debt Management Plans, IVAs and Debt Relief Orders so that they can manage their debts more effectively and stay in control of their finances.


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Fun graphs, lots of fun drawings and a fun layout. So this was fun infographic with an interesting visual design.

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No lack of information here. Just depressing, for the young people in Britain.

via: Baines & Ernst