This infographic is appealing.  Like cake or candy.  The pictures are so pretty you almost want to eat them.  Or make little computer people to live in them while you decide what they eat and who they interact with.  But I digress…

Courtesy of a Winnipeg real estate agent, we are given seven reasons for buying a condominium.  Though the agent is located in Winnipeg, the advice is applicable in the US, and the reasons presented are good.  The infographic gives enough information without giving too much, and the graphics are top-notch.  Here are the reasons for buying a condominium, according to them.


Condominiums are great for first-time homebuyers because they are usually less expensive, and they are supposedly a way to avoid the bidding wars associated with buying a single family home.  They don’t really tell you how a condo differs from a free-standing house in terms of the negotiation, but one can assume that it’s because condominiums are often new, with a set price, and they are often priced to sell.


They bring up a relevant point, and that is with a detached home you often have a yard to worry about, while in a condominium you don’t.  This works great if you travel often, if you don’t like doing yard work (a topic addressed later), or if you don’t want people to know your home is empty while you’re away.  Which brings us to…


Condominiums often offer security cameras, secure entrances, and other things like hired security personnel that you don’t get in a detached home, unless you want to pay a lot of money.  These added security features are part of the condominium living experience, and are something to think about if you travel, live alone, or own expensive things.


Because many condo communities offer common rooms, fitness centers, or swimming pools, there are places for the residents to congregate, making it easier to get to know the people who live around you.  Some condominium communities even schedule activities for their residents, so you have the opportunity to become friends with people in your community who share similarities in lifestyle, likely, and who are your neighbors.

Lower Operating Costs

There are things you most likely won’t have to pay when you live in a condominium.  One can be building insurance.  It’s wise to insure your possession, but the cost of insuring the actual structure falls into the hands of the managing company, and is part of the purchase price or dues.  In some communities, you also will not have to pay heat, water, or other utilities because they are built into the fees you pay.  So instead of paying lots of bills, you pay one, and because you’re sharing the utility bills with others, your overall operating costs are lower.

Home Ownership

You’ll be living apartment-style, condo-style, or townhouse-style with all the conveniences these types of dwellings offer, but you’ll still be a homeowner, so you will reap the benefits associated with owning your own home.  In addition to any tax breaks you get (in the US), you also can treat the condo just like it’s a house.  You can design it however you want within the confines of the space, you can rent it out to someone else, you can borrow against it and take out a second mortgage…all the same things you can do with a detached home, except for adding on to the space.

No Yardwork

Cutting grass?  Forget it.  Shoveling snow?  Not your problem.  Cleaning gutters, fixing walkways, trimming hedges, and all that comes with the outdoor maintenance of a home is all taken care of.  All you have to do is live there.

Design:  A

The graphics say what the text doesn’t, so they compliment each other very well, and the entire infographic is appealing and fun to look at.  All the typeface choices are good, the color scheme is pleasing, and I can’t find anything wrong with the design, except for that Realtors like to put their faces on everything.  Although, he looks like a trustworthy guy, so I suppose that adds to this infographic’s charm.

Information:  A-

The information is straightforward, but not overly enlightening.   These are common-sense facts that are laid out and provided in an attractive way.

VIA Bo Kauffmann at Winnepegg Home Finder