Think plastic surgery addiction in the U.S. is bad? Well, it’s not the only country. This infographic, provided by Clinic Compare, reveals the current state of the plastic surgery industry in the UK. The graphic shows that plastic surgery in the U.K. is a growing market, and growing extremely rapidly, especially over the past five years. So, if you’re a doctor in this field, you might just be cleaning up. The rate of plastic surgeries in Britain has grown by a rate of 66 percent over the past five years.

The graphic breaks down plastic surgeries by types of jobs. It notes that there as twice as many breast surgeries in the UK compared to face lifts. Despite the fact that there are more boob jobs than face lifts, there has a been more of a growth in the face lift industry than the boob job one, with an 85% rise in face lifts over the past five years compared to a 51% growth in boob jobs. But no plastic surgery sub-industry is on fire like liposuction, which has seen growth in the 144% range. Not surprisingly, more women get plastic surgery than men. There has been a 48% uptick in male surgery since 2005, but less than 1 in 10 plastic surgery operations involve men.

So, I know this question is killing you: what is the most “vain” city in all of England? The answer, according to the graphic, is Sheffield. So, if you ever drop by Sheffield, don’t mind the vanity, I guess. The graphic points out that the most popular operation for men in England is nose jobs (the Brits have historically hideous noses so this comes as no surprise) and boob jobs for women. I wonder how these stats would compare to that of America’s. It would be interesting if boob jobs were not as popular in America as they were in the UK, but I have the sinking feeling that they are just as popular, if not more. So, how does this graphic stack up compared to our other graphics? Let’s see what the grading chart reveals.

Design: B

This graphic is aesthetically pleasing, but I’m not knocked out of chair.  The charts are well-done, but I just can’t give this graphic an A.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been spoiled by the other eye-popping infographics on this site.  The graphic’s design is grand, but not grandiose, shall we say.

Content: A-

The creators did a great job from a research standpoint. Collecting and collating the facts must have been somewhat labor intensive, so they win many points there. Overall, an impressive graphic that certainly stacks up against the other top-tier graphics featured on this site.