Another great infographic effort from our friends at MDG Advertising. This time they tackle the somewhat controversial subject of personalized search. While many people may not know that Google tracks their every click while searching, most understand that their search habits are being scrutinized by the Big G. This social media infographic looks at the pros and cons of personalized search and shows some statistics you my find surprising.

From MDG: Online search has steadily improved to provide Web results that are more relevant, recent, and reliable than ever. Unfortunately, today’s evolution toward a more personalized search experience is being met with major opposition from Web users concerned about their privacy.

The infographic goes on to indicate that more than half of respondents believe that the relevance and quality of search results have gotten better with time. In comparison to 2004, there has been a slight drop in the number of respondents who say that search engines always deliver exactly what they want, while there has been a leap in the percentage of those who are satisfied most of the time.

On the other hand, personalized search does not receive the same warm response, with 65 percent of respondents saying that personalized search problems may include a reduction in the amount and quality of the search results. An even larger problem is that 73 percent of respondents claim it to be an outright invasion of privacy.

For now, it remains to be seen whether personal privacy or search quality will ultimately come out on top

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: A+

I love it when you can tell some thought and attention to detail was involved with an infographic and its design. You can see someone really cared when designing this infographic on personalized search. The color combinations are a good fit, with soft blues and bright orange to highlight information. The graphics looked like they were custom drawn or at least kept within certain graphic style. Using progressively larger arrows to show a increasing graph was a cuter and fun idea. The infographic is broken up in easy to read sections and the font used works as a headline, content and graph text. Even the choices of condensed and regular fonts go smoothly. A excellent design that get a good grade for getting personal.

Infographic Information: A

Personalized search statistics are plentiful in the infographic. How searchers responded to questions such as “are search results fair” and are personalized search results fair” are answered with percentages and multiple choices. More data is supplied on what the world thinks concerning fining better results with personal search results, whether or not users what personal search results and how they feel about privacy issues. The statistics go beyond by showing how in depth personalized search goes by showing age, race and even income stats. Plenty to see here and a little bit to be worried about, unless you are Google.

Provided by MDG Advertising