This payday loans infographic breaks down these loans how people perceive them. Some people use these payday loan resources as a way to make ends meet until they get paid. Others see it as a vicious cycle that traps people in debt. This infographic looks at who hates payday loans the most and why.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: C

The first thing I notice about the design is that there are very few images and lot of numbers. When I see something that has a lot of numbers I am already not willing to read it. It is important to create an infographic that will attract people to read it. Unfortunately this infographic does not do that. There are just too many numbers and statistics that overpower the infographic.

Infographic Information: B

The information is interesting because it shares some thoughts on payday loans and why people either love them or hate them. It was interesting to see the difference of opinions between borrowers and non-borrowers. I like how they do show the demographic information about payday loans because it shows the people who are using it really do appreciate and need it. The main people who “hate” against payday loans are the ones who do not use them. The main point I think the infographic shares is that if you are going to use a payday loan you need to be educated about them.

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