What if everything you ever wanted to know about different types of pasta was encapsulated by a single infographic? Enter Charming Italy (, the makers of an aesthetically wondrous infographic that fits the aforementioned bill quite perfectly. This graphic is pleasing to the eyes and the belly. It makes me rather hungry. Of course, I’m a giant pasta fan, so I might be a bit biased toward graphics that display items of a scrumptious nature.

In order to decode this graphic, you must start at the big black boxes in the middle of the graphic and then follow the lines from there. Let’s face it; you can probably identify the more common types of pasta on Earth with only one eye open. You know the kind I’m talking about: rigatoni, spaghetti, ravioli or macaroni. But what if someone handed you a plate with a slew of pasta types and asked you to differentiate them from one another. Know the difference between vermicelli and cappellini off the top of your head? Oh, you do, do you? Ok, smart alec. How about the difference between vermicelli and vermicelloni? Stuck yet?

As you can see, this graphic is a survival guide of the highest order. If you memorize this graphic–if you know it cold, that is–you’ll never be in a situation where you can’t identify a pasta again. And frankly, that’s the best thing in life to strive for. Ready for the grading portion? Let’s roll (into a pasta, that is).

Design: A-

This design is dandy for a few reasons. The first that is that it is unique and different. The second is that there is so much happening on the page that it makes you want to read all about it. We could not give it a solid “A” because more attention could have been given to the face of the human in the middle of the graphic eating his pasta.

Content: A-

An excellent research job on the part of the creator. The information is presented in a complex, yet straightforward way, making this a guide that all Italian restaurant kitchens, even mobile kitchens, could and probably should hang on their walls. Culinary schools should also put it on the walls of their kitchens. True Italian food lovers should put several of these posters on the walls of their abodes and well…I think you get the picture.  This graphic should be everywhere.

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