Everyone has an opinion these days about our environment and global warming. This infographic takes the opinions of different people and displays them in a creative way to show the many different views on climate change.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design:  A

I think the tree idea is a great way to showcase the information and connect with the topic. The tree foes right up the center up the infographic with branches that helping to divide up the different opinions. I thought that the opinions coming from the birds was funny and worked well in the infographic. I appreciate the big title and images with and opening paragraph full of information about the infographic.


Infographic Information: B+

I found the information to be exactly what the infograpahic says it is about. It is the opinions of different people combined to show their views on climate change. I enjoyed reading the opinions of those who are familiar with the issue. The quotes were all from people who I supposed worked in the different companies that were listed. I think to add a little more to the infographic I would have included some interesting facts about climate change. Overall thought I think that the information fits with the infographic topic and gives the reader a better understanding of climate change.


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