The Olympics are underway in London and everyone in the world is watching their athletes compete for the Gold medals. The Olympics have been around forever and there are many fun and interesting stories dating back to the first Olympics. This infographic show some interesting and fun facts about the Olympics.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design:  B+

The design of this infographic is food with a nice clean background. The images that go with the facts help the reader to understand them better. The image at the top is a great way to introduce the information and the sections are clearly defined making the infographic easy to follow. I like that the medals were used as a way to graphically show the information. Overall, I think the infographic looks great and anyone who is interested in the Olympics will enjoy it.


Infographic Information: B

The first section of information was interesting to see which countries had the most medals. I did see an error in this section because it showed Germany and the USSR has both being number two but they have different medal counts. I think one of them should be number three. Other than that little mistake I found the other information to be exactly what I would like if I were interested in facts on the Olympics. I think it is fun to compare the different countries to see who has the most medals and who has been stripped of medals. I would say that the infographic is a good read for those who are really into the Olympics this year.

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