I’m wary about infographics about sex.  For one, people really do read them, so if the information isn’t accurate, people get misled.  For another, often times the information isn’t accurate.  I’m not saying this is the case with THIS infographic.  I’m just saying it happens.  And digressing…

Myths vs. Facts

I’m just going to go over the facts in this section – they are very easy to read on the infographic itself, but I’m going to word it in a different way.  So, here’s the rundown:

-people pretty much everywhere in American have the same amount of sex, which counters the theory that people in big cities do it more.
-not as many American teenagers are having sex as you would think.
-there may be more gay women in America than gay men.
-European kids don’t necessarily have more sex than American kids, they are just safer about it.
-women are more proactive about contraception than the myth leads us to believe.
-men are pretty serious about birth control.
-men care more about their partner’s pleasure than the stereotype indicates
-American internet use is 50% devoted to sex in one way or another.  So much for saying Americans aren’t sexually adventurous.
-Americans are pickier about their sexual partners than the rest of the world thinks they are.
-Only 75% of American men are interested in having a threesome, instead of the 100% that is assumed.
-The average sexual encounter lasts 5-10 minutes.  Hardly any guy can go all night long.
-American men cheat on their wives mainly because they don’t feel like their wives care, not because they think they have the right to cheat (um?)
-America is more uptight about infidelity than other countries.  (um?)
-Americans have almost as much sex as French people, who have the most amount of sex.

Wrap Up

Assuming all this is true, you have now learned something.  If something strikes you as way out of left field, use the resources at the bottom to look it up.  I think some of the information is subjective, based on subjective data and polls, which aren’t scientific enough for me.

Design:  C-

Let’s face it.  This is not a pretty infographic.  It’s got a woodgrain background, the pictures are in weird little ship portholes – it is random.

Information:  C-

I would have liked to have seen, on the “Fact” part, an “according to the …” to make the data more credible.  And, considering they used Cosmo and Men’s Health as sources, I don’t know how much you can rely on the “facts” as “facts.”

Source:  Adult Dating Sites