This simple infographic talks about the strangest things moved by Atlas Van Operators. Some of them are strange indeed. They are mostly big things. I think about all the times I have moved, and if I had actually had the foresight to hire movers instead of being convinced that I could move myself, the strange things they would have moved without knowing it, because up until recently all of my strange items were small enough to put in boxes.  I suppose the large bagpipe and flute crest I bought at a rummage sale wouldn’t make these guys bat an eye, or would my globe that opens into a bar.  Everybody has one of those nowadays.  I wonder if they keep CDs in it like I do.  Anyway, I digress…

The infographic tells us that in 2010 Atlas participated in over 100,000 moves in the US and Canada.  That’s a lot of moves.  Normally in one of these posts we break the write-up into sections because today’s infographics are super-complicated, with lots of different types of information, and you have to break up what you write about because otherwise you’d be jumping from subject to subject and it would get crazy.  This infographic is different.  It has a nice blue background shaped like America, and little shadowy Atlas Van Operators moving all sorts of crazy stuff.  Here is the list, numbered like they numbered it, for easy reading.

1. Roy Rogers Freight Train
2. Dinosaur Exhibit
3. Helicopter
4. Stuffed Bear (I’m assuming a real bear, now deceased, and stuffed by a taxidermist)
5. Mini Submarine
6. Phone Booth (why?)
7. 1,000 lb Coffee Roaster (speechless)
8. Suit of Armor (that guy, clearly, was new when he answered this question.  Who hasn’t moved a suit of armor?)
9. Antique Gas Pump (cue the American Pickers)
10. 8 ft. Wooden Camel (like you do)
11. Ice Cream Truck (couldn’t someone have driven it?)
12. Tree Roots
13. Animatronic King Kong
14. Antique Asian Crown
15. Apollo Space Capsule

Design:  C

This is straightforward, clean, and fun to look at.

Information:  C

It is what it is.  It might be nice to see a little explanation about WHY the items were moved, but that would destroy the simplicity of the design.

Source:  Atlas Van Lines