Mobile Marketing and Advertising Landscape Infographic

From the infographic: “People are spending more time on their mobile phones than ever before. As marketers we have to understand these new types of consumers… Technologies like mobile tagging can help us understand the mobile consumer and deliver relevant messages.”

This mobile marketing infographic does a good job at disseminating the information into easy to read bits (USA Today) and uses bright colors against a neutral gray background to help those colors pop even more. While the infographic is a bit longer and thinner than I would like, you have to give full credit for utilizing that thin space very productively. Easy to read text and large numbers make a quick can possible, without having to read every word. You want more information, slow down and look again. In a hurry? A quick scan tells you how plentiful mobile devices are – 4 billion – and how many ways people use their smartphones to socialize (twitter, facebook, youtube, etc.). Basic people objects are used skillfully and a touch of humor has been added without distracting from the data on mobile marketing. A particularly nice touch is using the “f” in facebook to act as a graph, filling it 1/3 full to show the facebook mobile user base.

The content is fun and the data is believable. I don’t think any of the numbers surprise anyone, in fact the very content is probably considered obvious by anyone using a mobile phone, about 4 billion of us. But that is par for the course for most infographics – data you most likely know, but aren’t sure about. The data does do something I like especially and that is comparing mobile devices to other forms of entertainment, after all the mobile device is primarily and entertainment device and a secondarily a communication tool nowadays. One number did surprise me…1/2 of all local searches are performed on a mobile device. I wonder if movie listings were removed from that figure, would the numbers drop drastically? Most SEO companies would find this information about local mobile searches very interesting, I would imagine, as would local businesses.

Design: B

The graphic design reminds me of top 40 music, which I like, in that it doesn’t provide anything cutting edge but it has a beat you can dance to. I enjoyed the color scheme and the graphics. Everything meshed well, both colors and graphics) and was designed with a cohesive mindset and that is saying a lot in today’s everyone-is-a-designer-world.

Content B –

Data and facts in this infographic were easy to digest and in line with what I expected for the most part. Very few “Oh, wow?” moments but the topic is fairly popular and well-covered in today’s media. Still, the research appears sound and went further than I suspected so a good effort all around.