Kitchen Remodels always seem to be a big job for anyone. There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into it and in the end it is usually all worth it. This infogrpahic explains the kitchen remodeling process from start to finish.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: C+

The main thing that I like about the design of the infographic is the numbered steps. Each step is numbered which breaks the information down into an easy to read list. Every number section has images and information that support each topic and allow for great flow of the information. I do have to say the shadow text effect makes the text harder to read and at times there felt like there was too much information in each section. If the images and text had been spread out more maybe it would not have looked so cluttered. The title and opening paragraph was nice which helped to introduce the topic. I do think that overall, the infographic was nice to look at and easy to follow.


Infographic Information: B-

The question format for the titles was nice to get the reader thinking about their own remodel. The information in each section helped to provide ways of thinking about each question.  All of the tips were ones that I felt could be helpful when preparing for any remodel not just a kitchen. I am glad to see the steps did go to the end of the process and did not cut short the process. I think that the information was actually the best part of the infographic and even though it might have been hard to read was worth it because it was useful.

Infographic by Palatin Remodeling, Inc., a Los Angeles bathroom remodeling company.

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